Dana Miller wanted to make a difference for pets in her community and started The Pet Nanny, LLC as a solo sitter in June 2014. The care and keeping of pets and animals is a life-long passion of hers. She desired to partner with pet owners by allowing them the freedom to be away from home, worry free. Dana believes that peace of mind for pet owners and the treasured members of their home are of utmost importance. Through referrals from clients, the business quickly grew and in order to accommodate all client requests, The Pet Nanny, LLC became a team! The company now provides service 365/24/7! The Pet Nanny, LLC continues to grow mostly by word-of-mouth and is honored by client referrals which vouch to the authenticity, integrity and quality of care provided by the team. The Pet Nanny, LLC team is committed to providing pets with personalized, warm and friendly care while in the comfort of their own home.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an in-home Professional Pet Sitter?

  • Less stress for all!
  • Your pets are comfortable at home and in their normal routine.
  • Zero risk of kennel cough!
  • Individualized, focused attention from their pet sitter.
  • Your pets won’t need to spend time with unfamiliar animals.
  • Your pets won’t be in small spaces all day.

A Professional Pet Sitter has:  

  • Business License
  • Business Insurance and Bonding
  • Service Agreement for clients to complete
  • Background Checked
  • Pet First Aid/CPR

Pet owners can have the added peace of mind that The Pet Nanny, LLC team has gone through an extensive interview process, passed a criminal background check, are fully insured, bonded, Pet First Aid & CPR certified and continually expand their pet care education. Our pet sitting service goes well beyond the standard service to give our customers a truly guilt-free and peace-filled experience.

At The Pet Nanny, LLC, your pets are our priority and career!
We’ll keep your home safe, too – pet sitting and house sitting in one!


    Dana Miller

    Dana Miller is the owner of The Pet Nanny, LLC. Dana has been pet sitting for several years but made the business official in June 2014.

    As long as Dana can remember, she has had a passion for all animals. She grew up with her family dog, an Airedale named Leah, rabbits, cats, and even a barn full of racing pigeons!

    Dana loves partnering with her clients to provide the best in home care for their pets by keeping their pets in a safe, loving environment that they are used to. Less stress for all!

    Dana is married to Tom, and they have 3 daughters, Allyson, Kelsey, and Trista. The Millers moved to VA in 2007. In 2008, they settled in the charming town of Gloucester. Dana and her family experience much joy through their “free spirit,” an active Australian Shepherd rescue named Rosie Lynn.

    Dana enjoys being an active member of her church, family time, traveling, and serving others in the community through various activities.

    Tom Miller

    Tom is married to Dana Miller, owner of The Pet Nanny, LLC. He is a full-time Master Electrician and has been in the electrical field for over 15 years. Tom works occasionally for The Pet Nanny, LLC on an as needed basis during busy times such as holidays and summer. However, Tom does not provide overnight care. He enjoys dogs, cats, and is experienced with pet sitting farm animals such as goats, pigs, horses, cows, etc.

    Tom looks forward to meeting new people and their pets through The Pet Nanny, LLC. It’s important to him to provide a safe and stress-free environment for pets while their owners are away.

    Tom grew up in Owosso, MI, a town much like Gloucester. While growing up, he had goats, pigs, steers, dogs, and a few barn cats. He was active in showing at the local fair and worked on local farms milking cows.

    Aside from work, Tom enjoys being an active member of his church, family time, traveling, and golf. He is active in the community serving others with his electrical expertise.

    Brooke O’Malley

    Brooke is a part-time employee of The Pet Nanny, LLC. She began working with The Pet Nanny in August 2021, although she has been caring and pet sitting for others in the community for many years.

    Brooke was born and raised in Gloucester County and grew up with a Beagle named Lucky. She currently has a Golden Retriever named Harper.

    Brooke enjoys spending time playing with Harper and taking her swimming at the pool or the beach. She is looking forward to caring for others pets just as she does her own.

    Kelsey Wilhelm

    Kelsey is the daughter of the owner of The Pet Nanny, LLC. She works behind the scenes in the office and part time on the field as needed!

    Kelsey is a full time student at Liberty University studying Paralegal Studies and Pre-Law and her full-time job is at a law firm in Gloucester.

    Kelsey and her husband, Chisholm, have 2 dogs named Emma and Tessa. They have have 3 cats named Willow, Wiggins and Meeko. All are rescues!

    Kelsey can’t wait to meet more of you and your precious fur-babies!

    Phone: 804-413-6269
    Service Hours: Sunday through Saturday
    6am - 10pm
    Office Hours: Monday through Friday
    9am - 4pm, closed Saturday and Sunday


    The Pet Nanny, LLC team has a genuine love for all animals and is committed to providing loving care to your pet while you are away. Peace of mind for you and the treasured members of your home are of utmost importance. The Pet Nanny, LLC is dedicated to ensuring your pet will receive personalized, warm and friendly care while in the comfort of their own home.


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