We do whatever it takes to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe when you’re called to the other commitments in your life.


I am a new customer of the Pet Nanny and travel for my job. I expect a pet caretaker to be knowledgeable and attentive to my pets’ needs and to give me reports. The Pet Nanny is very good at that. Dana Miller goes beyond what is expected. She texted me about what looked like a problem with my cat. Dana crated the cat and drove at night to the emergency vet for treatment, all the while keeping me informed. Dana is a take charge professional with a heart.
Lynn L

Dana kept our kitties for the week and we couldn’t have been more pleased. She took the time to meet them and understand their issues (one has allergies, the other anxiety). It was a blessing to know they could stay in their normal surroundings and that someone was also checking on the house. Both kitties looked much better/happier on our return than when I’ve used a kennel. We will be calling her to keep them from now on!
Dana Craze

I don’t have the right words to express how grateful we are for finding The Pet Nanny. We have two Dachshunds and a Labrador. We admit, they’re spoiled, and we traditionally took them wherever we went. Dana has been such a wonderful addition to our dogs’ lives. She’s reliable and trustworthy and my only wish is that we had found her sooner! I highly, highly recommend The Pet Nanny for caring for your pets, big or small.
Aimee Buzek

Finally, someone who will care for your pets the way you want it done! We left our 4 dogs in the care of Dana for several days and nights and could not be more pleased. She checked in by phone exactly as we requested and upon arriving home we found them all happy, healthy with no signs that we ever left. And the house was beautiful too! We will be requesting Dana’s services many more times.
Valerie Rice

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The Pet Nanny, LLC team has a genuine love for all animals and is committed to providing loving care to your pet while you are away. Peace of mind for you and the treasured members of your home are of utmost importance. The Pet Nanny, LLC is dedicated to ensuring your pet will receive personalized, warm and friendly care while in the comfort of their own home.


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With integrity, we provide reliable, trustworthy, and devoted care to our clients and their pets. We are committed to providing the highest level of in-home quality pet care and client service while helping to ensure peace of mind for our clients during their absence. We are reliable, trustworthy, and devoted.


The Pet Nanny, LLC. aims to continue growing while providing personalized and excellent care to your pets. We strive to make a significant difference in the pet sitting community. We treat our clients as we would treat ourselves, our friends, and our family by giving them an unforgettable experience.

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